Renewing Minds and Transforming Lives

Diane Miller, Transformational Specialist

I can help you make the changes you need to make in your health, wellness, habits, attitudes, and your business and home life.

Using life coaching strategies, profession hypnosis, and my decades of business consulting and leadership experience to craft individualized solutions to help you with every aspect for living your best life.

I am an experienced keynote and public speaker and can help your groups reach their goals

I work with groups, both large and small, providing inspiration, instruction, and mentorship during periods of transition or change. I can provide keynote services, and full day trainings and breakout sessions focused on personal performance, establishing goals, and building a culture of excellence.

Frequently Issues I Work With:

Renewing Minds and Transforming Lives

Stop Smoking Hypnosis

Hypnosis helps people stop smoking for good. If you are ready to stop smoking and start living, schedule an appointment with me now

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Renewing Minds and Transforming Lives

Weight Loss Hypnosis

By reducing your weight you not only look and feel better, but reduce your risk for future health related problems. Learn more and schedule your first session.

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Renewing Minds and Transforming Lives

Medical Hypnosis

I work with chronic conditions to help people make lifestyle changes that can support recovery and wellness. I can provide wellness planning and intervention that can restore health.

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Coaching Services

Mentorship and Goal-Setting

With decades of business experience, I help people perform in new situations and roles, and I help people establish the goals that will produce a lifetime of rewards.

Moving in the right direction

As a transformational specialist, I help people move in the right direction, manage change effectively, and take actions congruent with what is really best. When you  need to make tough choices, reach out and let me guide you.

Targeting your time

Time management and defeating overwhelm are my specialties! I love helping people maximize work-life balance, and discover new ways of focusing on what is truly important at home and work.

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