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Diane R Miller is a Transformational Specialist

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Life Coaching and Hypnosis

Life coaching is a way of helping you achieve your goals and live your intentions. I coach people in both physical and emotional health. Hypnosis is a strategy for making rapid change in your health and happiness.

Mastering Emotions

I help people rediscover joy and happiness by making changes that create alignment between your desires and your experiences.

Wellness and Health

Hypnosis is a proven strategy for creating health and wellness. 12,000 peer reviewed studies all point to hypnosis as a real solution.

Habits and Lifestyle

Self-defeating behavior, automatic choices, and unhealthy actions can be changed. Smoking and weight-loss are just two of the ways hypnosis can help.


Individualized Care

Coaching and hypnosis both begin with a free consultation. This is the place for me to learn more about what your needs are and for you to ask me questions about how you can discover your solutions.


Big changes come from small actions.

The approaches that I use will help make lasting changes without having to do back flips?

Life Coaching and Hypnosis are proven methods that work to renew thinking patterns that lead to  transformation in your life.

You can begin by scheduling a free consultation with me.  Schedule it here:

Hypnosis and Life Coaching

Diane R. Miller

I am certified by the International Certification Board of Coaches and Hypnotists and the American Alliance of Hypnotists.  I have many Life Coaching certifications from the Transformation Academy,  I am certified as a  Mindfulness Practitioner and NLP Practitioner from The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology (AMAP), I am certified as a sleep consultant,  and I also have a diploma in Holistic Pain Management, plus many others.

I have many years of experience helping people make lasting change. 

Professional Services

I bring real world experience and attentive listening skills to helping you make real-world changes. Our Zoom sessions will be personalized, and the solutions I offer backed by years of experience.

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Hypnosis is not just repetition of some affirmations.
It is more about the exploration and discovery of the subtle energies of life!

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